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Date 06/12/2016 22:43:33
Question Title Applicator
By Rabbi Rabbi Elhanan Lewis
The Question I used a plastic applicator to insert a vaginal gel. I noticed afterward that there was a slight residue of blood on the tip of the applicator. Does this mean I am בנידה?
Date 05/01/2017 16:05:12
Answer Title Applicator
The Answer Shalom
I apologize for the delayed answer
Blood in a vaginal applicator should be treated like an internal bedika. If you know there is a source for the bleeding which is not uterine (which only makes sense), you will not be nidda, if you do not know of any possible source for that bleeding I recommend you see a בודקת טהרה to maybe find a source. If we do not find one, I see no other way but to count 7 clean days again.
All the best

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