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Date 22/12/2016 16:50:59
Question Title spermicide
By Rabbi Rabbi Elhanan Lewis
The Question Shalom Rabbi,
I'm 2 months postpartum, and looking for affordable spermicide in Israel.
My husband went to 5 pharmacies in Jerusalem, none had the suppository so we got the sponge but at 20nis the sponge that is very expensive...
My Gynecologist said to contact Machon Puah.
Where could we get more affordable spermicide from here in Israel?
Also i was wondering in what case female condoms would be allowed?
I heard of a couple of religious friends using that type of BC.
I can not take the pill or any other hormonal from of BC because I get depression from it, and am too nervous about the IUDs.
We've used spermicides in the past but i had a yeast infection and spermicides favor that. I just turned 28 and we have 2 daughters BH, I really need to space pregnancies since I dont feel ready for another right now emotionally and physically.
(Had a miscarriage at 14 weeks with my second pregnancy).
Im currently nursing our Baby but unfortunately got my period back already, what BC options do I have?

Thank you very much.
kol tov,
Date 05/01/2017 16:26:47
Answer Title spermicide
The Answer Shalom
You should contact the secretary at +972.2.6515050 and ask for the different options to find spermicide in Israel.
It is forbidden to use a female condom as well as the male condom. In the case of an HIV carrier and similar conditions we might be able to find more lenient approaches.
All the best

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