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Date 31/12/2016 01:29:36
Question Title trying for a son?
By Rabbi Rabbi Elhanan Lewis
The Question Hello Rabbi, sorry to bother you but i want to ask you a question. I am a 38 years old Jewish woman with 2 daughters. I have had 4 pregnancies,first child healthy, second One died of no heart beat and the other one was ectopic pregnancy. Doctors ran tests and it was determined that my husband had varicocele, he underwent surgery and we conceived another girl. I wan to have a son, i know deep in my heart if i try by my own its not going to happen. If i do ivf to have a son do you think Ha-shem would be mad? do you think he would end up bad, killer a thieve or .......even gay? please help me.Thank you
Date 05/01/2017 16:31:34
Answer Title trying for a son?
The Answer Shalom
There are some details missing so I will not answer the actual question but rather give general guidelines.
Selecting the baby gender is not normally recommended, we believe Hashem has a good understanding of what is best for us.
In the case a couple finds it very hard to leave it all to G-d's hands, some actions can be taken to enhance the chances of your desired gender. It also depends on the age of the wife and other factors.
I recommend you speak to your rabbi or contact us over the phone
All the best

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