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Date 02/01/2017 18:42:19
Question Title Sperm donor insemination
By Rabbi Rabbi Elhanan Lewis
The Question hi,
i was wondering whether I need to go to mikveh before IUI. I am a women and have purchased non Jewish donor sperm and have been recommended to have the IUI within 7 days after my cycle (ie, not enough time to do 7 days bedikot).

I read that an intermediate tevilah might be recommended and wanted to know if that might be relevant here. If so, what is an intermediate tevilah and what is required.
Date 05/01/2017 15:52:07
Answer Title Sperm donor insemination
The Answer Shalom
Using donor sperm for a married woman when her husband is infertile is a very deep and complex halachic issue you should really consult with your rabbi.
For a non-married woman it is wrong, so we were told by all great halachic authorities we have asked.
As for your question, we do not recommend to go to mikveh anytime but after 7 clean days, even if before an IUI or IVF
All the best

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