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Date 04/08/2017 03:58:34
Question Title Effect of Former Divorcee' Using Kohen's Sperm
By Rabbi Rabbi Elhanan Lewis
The Question Hello: I am married but a former divorcee' and, being that husband is infertile, we are considering having a child through sperm donation. The sperm bank, while otherwise keeping the donors' identities anonymous, indicated that a particular donor is a kohen. I know that the son of a kohen and a divorcee' who was conceived through intercourse is a chalal, not a kohen, because the kohen and divorcee' had a forbidden union, but what about in the case where the former divorcee' used the kohen's sperm without engaging in a forbidden union–– would a son then be a kohen or not? Thanks much in advance.
Date 22/08/2017 10:54:31
Answer Title Effect of Former Divorcee' Using Kohen's Sperm
The Answer Shalom
The usage of donor sperm is a very complex hallachic issue that should be discussed with a competent rabbinic authority.
The vast majority of those who would allow, in the specific case, the sperm donation, would only allow the usage of a non-Jewish donor.
If sperm donation was taken from an anonymous Jew the child may have serious problems getting married in the future.
As for your question, the child is not a challal, though the marriage restrictions would apply as above.
All the best

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