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Date 10/09/2017 11:29:35
Question Title Fasting Yom Kippur with IVF pregnancy
By Rabbi Rabbi Elhanan Lewis
The Question Dear Rav Lewis,

Thank you so much for all the assistance.
I have another question:
I BH finally got pregnant via IVF. I am now i weeks along.
I have severe endometriosis and other health issues (thyroid, chronic bronchitis) and suffered an early miscarriage (twin pregnancy) after the first IVF attempt in January.
I was not able to make it through any fast the last months, I fainted even during short fasts (before the IVF and miscarriage I was a good faster).
My question: Do I have to fully fast this Yom Kippur?

Best regards
Gmar chasima tova
Date 10/09/2017 16:38:17
Answer Title Fasting Yom Kippur with IVF pregnancy
The Answer Shalom
Lovely news
Yom Kipur is a strict fast however any life threatening situation overrides the fast.
You should, therefore, start the fast; if you feel well – continue fasting, if you feel ill, nausea, etc., start drinking 40ml every 9 minutes, if you need more go down to 4 minutes, if you need more drink normally. You can drink any liquid drink; health shakes are perfect.
Ktiva vechtima tova


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