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Date 03/10/2017 19:32:37
Question Title How to bring eggs frozen in the U.S. to Israel for IVF
By Rabbi Rabbi Elhanan Lewis
The Question Dear Rabbi or staff,

In 2013 when I was 35, not married, and living in Manhattan I underwent an egg freezing cycle with the NYU Langone fertility clinic.

I got married in 2015 and moved to Israel. We BH conceived a child naturally soon after getting married and our daughter is now a year and a half old.

I'm now 39 and we've been trying to have another child for over 6 months without success. I did 3 IUI procedures and we have an appointment to start IVF with Dr. Tzafrir from Shaare Zedek later this month.

I would like to use the eggs that are frozen in the U.S. for IVF, but have no idea- bureaucratically and logistically- about how to have them shipped to Israel to use.

Does Puah have any experience with this or direction to offer?

Thanks so much,
Date 18/10/2017 09:34:49
Answer Title How to bring eggs frozen in the U.S. to Israel for IVF
The Answer Shalom
We do. Best if you call so we can discuss it 026515050
All the best
Rabbi Lewis

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