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Date 19/10/2017 16:47:33
Question Title IVF or Not?
By Rabbi Rabbi Elhanan Lewis
The Question Shalom Rab
We have 4 boys and there’s no way will try for more if
We’re not sure is going to be a girl. Which are the poskim that permit ivf for sex selection?

Date 19/10/2017 16:50:47
Answer Title IVF or Not?
The Answer Shalom
If in any case undergoing IVF, many poskim allow PGD for gender selection (i.e. Rabbis S. Dichovsky, Z.N. Goldberg, M. Halprin)
If only doing IVF for the sake of gender selection, under extreme circumstances, Rav Mordechai Eliyahu had permitted.
All the best

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