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Date 24/10/2017 08:13:44
Question Title Gender selection methods
By Rabbi Rabbi Elhanan Lewis
The Question Hi Rabbi,

B"H I have 3 boys who are wonderful and I love them so much. I only want to have a 4th though if it will be a girl. Otherwise, I'm fine having my 3 boys and am not having a 4th.
I heard that in Israel, when one has 3 of one gender, they can get help to have a 4th of the opposite gender. What are the methods used?

I've met with my doctor and he's told me that there are two options: IVF or sperm-spinning (which he says is 70% effective, prob less for ppl who already have multiple kids of one gender). I don't want to undergo IVF. Thank God I don't need it for fertility and I see it as very invasive and I'm worried about long-term health effects (maybe I'm wrong, and you'd recommend it). And with the other method at 70% or less, odds are not in my favor! Are there any other methods?
Date 24/10/2017 17:46:11
Answer Title Gender selection methods
The Answer Shalom
I as well would not recommend IVF for your reasons and other.
The only method left is as you mentioned and as you said it has about 70% of success. Since your husband has a religious obligation to try have both boys and girls I would recommend you go that path (or even better, give G-d the credit he knows best what's best for you..)
All the best

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